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 Subject : of the long-term.. 2019-09-11 00:53:59 
of the long-term

The old son��s grandson, the old grandmother��s life, is not right. My mother has two grandchildren, two granddaughters, all hurt like baby. The prostitute Dai Jihui is the long-term granddaughter of the long-term house. It is the boss of the third generation of our old family. It is naturally windy and rainy. I remember that at that time, the family was an adult Cigarettes Online, and the mother teased her a girl��s film all day long. People because she has endless happiness. When Qi Hui was seven or eight years old, one day she was playing at the door of the door. Suddenly a football flew over, just hitting Ji Hui��s chest. Ji Hui fell to the ground in an instant, sighed and turned white eyes. My mother flew past, and I flew over. My mother saw her granddaughter pale and frightened and burst into tears: "Hui Hui, my granddaughter, don't scare your grandmother!" I also slap on the side Looking at her back, seeing her mother crying, and in my 30s, I cried aloud and shouted. In the mother's arms, Ki Hui was stunned for a long time, and it was clearly a century long, so it was scary. Finally, she cried out in a wow, and at that moment, I saw my mother clinging to her granddaughter, fearing that the young girl��s young life would slip away from her arms, and her mother would face Tightly attached to the face of Ji Hui, tears in his eyes. I also woke up and threw the flying football back to the perpetrators and scolded them. The mother did not ask this anymore. As long as her granddaughter is safe and sound Newport Cigarettes, what else is important? She hugged her granddaughter, whispered and went into the house. When I went in and saw it, I found that my mother still couldn��t stop crying, and wiped my eyes from time to time. After such a shock, Ji Hui had a good spirit in a few days. Seeing that Ji Hui was not a big problem, the mother only let go of her heart and sorrow, and it took a lot of trouble. I remember when my father was talking to a few old colleagues, one person joked that we have several grandchildren who are talking, you should not interrupt. My father was furious. When he came back, he asked his eldest brother not to ask for the price. He must regenerate his second child. This is the only child who has been born, and the little guy has been born, has been thin and dark, unlike the people who have a family name, especially like his jealousy. However, he is a long-term grandson, and he naturally gets the favor of his grandmother. This is good, the granddaughter is not willing, jealous, although the two are a compatriot, but like the previous generations, there is a taste of both life and life. One day, the two brothers and sisters were both in trouble, only for a bowl of soup Marlboro Red, the sister to drink, the younger brother to drink, just to make trouble, the mother persuaded that half a day did not work. Burn another bowl, and as a result, both of them will only have the original bowl. The mother is very embarrassed, the palms of the hands are all fleshy, and all of them feel distressed. They sit down at the table, silently, tears and tears, and mutter: "Previous life, how can you have this family?" "I saw my mother crying, and my heart was not well received. I went to the front of the pair of friends and sprinkled two bowls of soup on the ground. I screamed, "Don't drink, whoever makes trouble, whoever punishes you!" "The little guy was intimidated at the time, but the palliative was not a cure. The two men were still free when they were free. The mother did not bother with less trouble and less tears." Unt
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