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nd they

In the spring, the Qinling Mountains are beautiful and free, and the ups and downs are like a wolverine in the embrace of Qinchuan in the 800-year-old. The mountains and mountains are quite straight and beautiful Newport Cigarettes, and they are like a finely carved and vivid, and the goddecd clear. The goddess is down, the abrupt and full of black tiger mouth is like a girl's tall and straight milk peak exudes youthful vitality. Ascending to the distance, the peaks of the peaks, the different forms, the strange, and the windy China. The painter lamented that Qinling is a beautiful landscape painting of the beautiful scenery. It is a classic painting of nature that is rewarded by nature. The photographer adjusts the focus of the beautiful scenery, and the songs from the sunrise rise from the sunrise. Laughter, to the sunset and dusk, the Wan Dao Xiaguang was scattered all over the mountains and rivers, and I was reluctant to leave. The Qinling Mountains are so beautiful, and they are immersed in the situation. It is no wonder that it is protected by the UNESCO World Natural Geopark. The Qinling Mountains are all inviolable. Imprint. It is not only beautiful and beautiful, but also a suffocating place for all kinds of rare wild animals. Foping is a national giant panda protection place. The takin, golden monkey, bear and wild boar are all over the Qinshan deep mountain Yangxian. The combination of scientific breeding and wilderness has increased the number of Zhu Xi. There are animals and birds in the mountains, and the aura is no longer lonely. It shows its infinite vitality and vitality. From the first dangerous peak of Xishan Huashan to the white snow, it is everywhere, from Suzaku and Gaoguan. The splashes of the waterfalls, the lush and beautiful bamboos of the Louguantai, the beauty of the Qinling Mountains is too much. It is no wonder that from the ancient times to the present, the celebrities and sages have stopped to visit. Open your heart and drink the poetry and reach the ancient songs. Now is a good time to enjoy the spring, the wildflowers on the mountain are open like a starry sky, the streams in the forest sing songs and rush to the distance, the forest oxygen bar soaks the heart and spleen metabolism to make you refreshed, The sun shines through the woods and looks gentle and embarrassing, like a loving mother caressing a lovely child. At this moment, you are intoxicated by this paradise on earth, and you can no longer suppress the emotions and sing. The beautiful songs echo in the valley forest, and the birds are also moved by your songs, singing and singing. If you are a painter, use your wonderful pen to describe the strange peaks of the old man like a child. Use Danqing to outline the infinite scenery of the mountains and mists. Speaking of an eagle hovering over the top of the head, it is particularly eye-catching against the blue sky, like a fighter fighting the sky, guarding the magnificent mountain river home of the motherland Newport Cigarettes Coupons, living at the foot of the Qinling Mountains, pushing the door open. I can see the majestic appearance of the Qinling Mountains, and listen to the old people. If the horror of the day and the sun and the clouds rise around the spring tide, it will show that this year will be able to adjust the weather to the grain, and today it is so true, then the great motherland is definitely a thriving The year of Guotai Min'an is a year of prosperity.
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